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EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

If you currently mail postcards to your customers by geographic area, then Every Door Direct Mail is for you!  This is a current promotion by the US Postal Service that enables you to mail a postcard at only 17.5 cents per piece.  We can design, print and then shrink wrap them in stacks of 100's for you to deliver to your local postal service.  With EDDM, you get the following benefits:

  • No postage permit is required
  • No mailing list needed - you simply have to have the words "Postal Customer" and the post office will deliver every piece on the routes that you request
  • Larger sized cards result in better response
  • EDDM's can be mailed through any local post office


Direct Mail Pieces

  • Direct mail is the most powerful marketing tool for your business
  • Increase sales, follow up with customers and announce your next big event!!
  • Highly effective mail strategies
  • Works for every industry
  • A quick and easy way to share important information
  • Simple to create and inexpensive to print

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